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We would love to invite you to join our family's journey to make the best wine from the very best grapes! Come with us and learn about our beautiful vineyards and estate grown red wines.
It's going to be a fun ride!

What does it mean when you can see your vineyards from your backyard? It means that your vines are cared for and loved every single day! That's exactly how it is at Kost Family Vineyards. Our precious vines are farmed with the utmost attention and care and are given everything they need, because we think that healthy vineyards produce the best wine.


Our vineyards are grown on a vertical shoot positioning trellis system, sometimes referred to as VSP. This style allows for maximum sun and it encourages better air flow through the vines. Our VSP trellis system consists of six levels of wire. The cordon or fruiting wire is about 3 1/2 feet off the ground. Above the cordon wire are two pairs of movable catch wires to train the growth of the shoots in an upward direction allowing the fruit to soak up the sun and to be easily picked.


Here at Kost Family Vineyards we currently offer three beautiful boutique style wines. Our most exciting wine is Teroldego, a red Italian varietal that is a very full bodied, deep red wine. We also offer a Cabernet Sauvignon that will surely become a favorite. Our Cab is medium to full bodied with bright flavors. And don't forget to try the Red Wine Blend! It will be your go to wine for every occasion. Our blend is a medium bodied, balanced wine. Please see Our Wines page for more tasting notes.

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